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Speed Ratings:

Data Loading*:

DB Size
Load Time

Data Exploring: 6 billion records in less than a second*

Data Analysis: Clustering with 1 million records in 20 seconds*

* CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz. RAM 12GiB. Disk configuration 250GB + 3TB + 2x3TB (Raid0). Total storage 9.25TB. OS OpenSuSE 12.1 x64
Why OpenText™
See to believe

The easiest way to turn data into valuable insight

OpenText™ Big Data Analytics, known before as BIRT Analytics, speeds the process of turning big volumes of data into business intelligence. It reduces costs, optimizes processes and enables business teams to easily apply advanced analytics techniques that inform solid strategy.

The Triple OpenText™ Big Data Analytics Advantage

OpenText™ Big Data Analytics maximizes the value of your data by ensuring that your analytics tools and processes keep your organization equipped, in front of the game and aligned to achieve business goals.

1. Fastest Data Engine on the Market

OpenText™ Big Data Analytics' FastDB engine loads at an unrivalled speed of up to 60 GB/ hour. That beats every other solution on the market. It works seamlessly with Linux as well as Windows and its 64-bit engine allows for virtually unlimited RAM capacity. It runs on a lightweight server, exploring up to 6 billion records in less than a second and performing advanced analytics on a million records in under a minute .

Powered by a web-based, visual ETL, the OpenText™ Big Data Analytics engine reads nearly every data source. The ETL process improves visibility and transparency for technicians and unburdens IT teams from time-consuming data loading, extraction and transformation. OpenText™ Big Data Analytics minimizes IT effort and speeds time to analysis across your organization, so you get the most value out of your data and can use it to achieve business goals in less time.

Speed Ratings

Or give us a call at (+ 1) 650 645 3000

2. Best Performance on Big Volumes of Data

When you need to analyze millions, or even billions of transactions, time to value is everything. OpenText™ Big Data Analytics is the only solution that allows you to effectively analyze massive volumes of data almost instantaneously. It integrates data from different sources by unifying multiple formats with no need for cubes, metadata or aggregates.

Users get access to data in full granularity for maximum analytical flexibility in the shortest amount of time. OpenText™ Big Data Analytics minimizes IT strain and, improves IT service quality by making large volumes of data manageable and easy to analyze, and turn into effective strategy.

Or give us a call at (+ 1) 650 645 3000

3. Most Cost-Efficient and Time Saving

OpenText™ Big Data Analytics saves your organization money. It's a full 50 times faster than other business analytics solutions at a fraction of the cost. It cuts your BI spend in half by reducing infrastructure costs, freeing up IT resources, lowering costs associated with renewals and maintenance and eliminating pre-processing and OLAP maintenance costs altogether.

End-users work autonomously performing on-the-fly analyses with easy-to-use, web-based visual analytics tools. No dependence on IT required. It's extremely easy to implement and requires minimal training so get your teams up an running in weeks and cut the high cost of traditional BI implementation.

Or give us a call at (+ 1) 650 645 3000

Companies that choose OpenText are satisfied

'What would have required a full year of work, OpenText handled in two days. We were able to start analyzing immediately. What initially surprised us about OpenText was its speed, but we then found that its flexibility and ease of use were equally impressive. OpenText enabled us to decongest our IT department.'

Albert Almajano. CIO (Kern Pharma)

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