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The Triple BIRT Analytics Advantage

Fastest data engine
on the market

BIRT Analytics' FastDB engine loads at an unrivalled speed of up to 60 GB/ hour. That beats every other solution on the market.

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Best performance on
big volumes of data

Effectively handle volume and variety. BIRT Analytics lets users instantly analyze billions of transactions to see strategy-driving patterns and trends on the fly.

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Cost-effective and
time saving

BIRT Analytics saves your organization money. It's a full 50 times faster than other business analytics solutions at a fraction of the cost.

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Companies that choose BIRT Analytics are satisfied from day one

'“Before Quiterian, extracting and analyzing information used to take a considerable amount of time of our technical experts, and as a consequence we were not providing the appropriate service. Now with Quiterian Analytics we have provided more user autonomy and reduced the work overload in IT”'

Francisco Margarite. CIO (Inversis Bank)

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

Quiterian mentioned in Gartner ′Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms′ 2013

″Companies choose Quiterian primarily based on the capabilities of simple to complex ad hoc analysis, interactive exploration of data, data mining and predictive analytics″

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IDC Research

Here Comes Birt Analytics

″Many vendors are trying to do this but in our view BIRT Analytics comes closest to getting it right, by surfacing the results of a predictive routine but not requiring the user to select algorithms″

Alys Woodward and Jose Curto.
February 13th, 2013.

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Information Management

Information Management selected
Quiterian as one of the
″40 Vendors We′re Watching″
in 2012

″Self-service and agile BI need to be
in your sales brochure and these days
they′d better work″

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