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    Marketing Analytics

    BIRT Analytics, known before as Quiterian Analytics, includes all the necessary advanced analytics tools aimed to make behaviour analysis and intelligent segmentation, to manage and make a campaign tracking in real time and to register web activity, starting from predefined reports and personalized dashboards.

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    Different data sources as social media, sales, web analytics, campaigns,...

    In an increasingly competitive market, obtaining information in detail from each customer, making advanced segmentations and having a total control of the customer management process will let you anticipate to unpredicted situations and increase conversion.

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    Segmentation & Campaigns

    Integrated vision of your campaigns

    It seems a contradiction the fact that marketing professionals base most part of their work on making target segmentations in order to prepare and launch online and off line campaigns but, on the contrary, they miss the customer’s tracking in crucial stages of the process, obtaining biased results.

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    Cross and up selling

    Identify sales opportunities

    According to a marketing maxim, “acquisition is an investment, but most benefits are obtained by selling more (once and again) to the current customers”. Based on a deep knowledge of customers, cross and up selling techniques will let you anticipate to your customers’ needs and wishes and generate business opportunities that contribute to increase sales, save costs and gain efficiency and competitivity.

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    RFM Analysis

    Maximizes customers with high LifeTime Value

    Customers who have purchased more recently, more frequently, and have spent more money, are likelier to buy again. But those who haven't, are less valuable for the company and therefore, likely to churn.

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    Predicting customer churn

    Anticipation of customer churn

    It is between five and fifteen times more expensive to gain new customers than to retain the current ones. Churn prediction is a very powerful weapon to know soon which customers will abandon the company, in order to increase the degree of retention, to build a solid CRM strategy and to save acquisition costs.

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    Sales Force

    Answers for better business efficiency

    In such competitive market, obtaining the highest performance from the sales force and increasing its effectiveness are some the most urgent tasks for every marketing department, no matter its size or the sector where it operates.

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